Navigation in the Dardanelles was suspended due to heavy fog

The Dardanelles Strait in Turkey was closed for the passage of transit ships in both directions, reports Yeni Safak with reference to the Directorate of Vessel Traffic in the Strait.

Navigation was suspended at 5:30 local time (same time as in Moscow). Local ferry service continued. Traffic in the strait was restored around 10:18 a.m., NTV reported.

In addition, the administration of Sabihi Gokcen Airport (located in the Asian part of Istanbul) announced on Twitter about the closure of the runway. The 22 planes that could not land there have been redirected to a new airport in the European part of the city, the newspaper Aksam reports.

According to the newspaper, the fog has hampered the movement of drivers on the roads, especially in Istanbul’s Beykoz, Umraniye, Kadikoy, Saryer, Beshiktash, Uskudar, Cekmekey, Sultanbeyli, Sanjaktepe, Kagytkhan, Fatih and Beyoğlu neighborhoods. Yeni Safak reports that visibility on roads in the city of Bursa decreased to 25 m. And in Çorlu, the visibility is no further than 10m, Memleket reports.

According to the forecast of Turkey’s General Meteorological Office, low clouds and fog will persist near the Marmara Sea, as well as in central and eastern Turkey in the coming days.

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