Hotel roof collapses in Turkey at event commemorating 1915 battle

The roof of the hotel collapsed on the visitors in the city of Sarykamysh in northern Turkey. This was reported by CNN Türk, citing local authorities.

“We have wounded as a result of the collapse of the ceiling in the hall where a documentary about Sarykamysh was to be screened. <…> Ten people are currently in hospital,” Kars governor Türker Öksüz said.

Minister of Youth and Sports Mehmet Muharrem Kasapoglu stated that a plasterboard ceiling collapsed. One of the victims, Mustafa Kupeli, said about 140 people were in the hall at the time of the collapse. He added that his leg was injured, but not seriously.

The hotel was commemorating the Battle of Sarykamysh between the Ottoman and Russian empires that took place from December 9, 1914, to January 5, 1915, during World War I. As a result of the fighting the Third Turkish Army was completely defeated.

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